Friday, July 6, 2012

6 scoop ice cream cone

Can you finish this if it was real? 6 scoops of ice cream on a cone. Quick, you have to finish before it melts!

This 1:12 scale miniature version is melt-free and I'm loving it! My favourite is the chocolate mint flavour. Now I am screaming for some ice cream. :D

A couple of cones are made into necklaces for food jewelry lovers.

Available now at my Etsy store.


Kim said...

oh my gosh---sooooo cute and looks so good in this heat wave we've been having :) Fantastic work!

It's a Tiny Tiny World said...

So realistically adorable!

Jo Mini said...

This is awesome stuff!
Now I want ice cream too! :-)

Angela said...

Che meraviglia,
รจ da guinness dei primati...
mi piace molto!
A presto

Maria said...

Very realistic, i love ice cream and if this was real i could eat all scoops.If this was real it probably will fall if you eat.Happens to me with 3 scoops! Fantastic work.

rocinash said...

Que original y que bonito. Felicidades!

Ascension said...

Absolutamente genial!!!!!
Se ven deliciosos, es un peligro llevarlos como colgante......puede ser que te muerdannn!!! jejeje
besitos ascension