Thursday, February 19, 2009

Waffles & Crepes

February is really a busy time at work. I haven't got time to work on miniatures. At my leisurely rate of production, I am already very glad to have business at my Etsy shop! I have 78 sales so far and I'm pushing for 100! Those who are reading my blog, you are welcome to contribute to the target!

No time... so I made some simple waffles. I loved the way the round waffle turned out, considering I didn't use a waffle maker at all! The little square ones are from my earlier creations.

I made these for a crepe shop, which serves dessert crepes (left) and savoury crepes (right). The designs are exclusive to the shop as they are taken from the menu. If I owned a real crepe shop , I would have a display cabinet featuring all sorts of miniature crepes. Hmm.. I think I still enjoy making the miniature version more. :)


Jed Bramwell (actor-bear/blog host) said...

I love your miniatures. How much is shipping to Canada? I have my eye on those icecream sundaes on your etsy page! YUM! :o)

ilovelittlethings said...

Shipping to Canada is the same as US. Look forward to see you at my Etsy shop :-)