Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ice n Hot Chocolate Prep Boards

Some new items in my Etsy shop. Miniature Iced and Hot Chocolate Prep Boards!

I haven't made any real chocolate drinks at home. I always have it at Starbucks, especially their iced chocolate. I used to have it every day but I've cut down on cold drinks since my pregnancy. It's fine I suppose... it helps me save SGD6 (about US$4) per day.

The set below includes hot chocolate in a little cup, filled with frothy marshmallows. Yummy!

The iced version below comes with a little glass (made of real glass!) of chocolate. You can almost hear the tinkling of the ice cubes.

Off to take a break now! I only have half a day left before weekend is over. Enjoy yours.
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1 comment:

ele B said...

very delicious ~
i love starbucks ice chocolates too !