Thursday, June 17, 2010

Re-ment Baby Stuff & A Rose Cake

I'm into collecting miniature baby stuff recently. See what pregnancy does to me? Spending money on miniatures instead of real stuff that I need. :P

Here is a Re-ment set I bought from Ebay. I think this belongs to the "Pharmacy" series. Sorry for the mislabelling in the picture. I love Re-ment but ever since they got bigger and bigger, I've stopped collecting them. I contemplated buying this set long long time ago and finally it's mine!

For those who can't visualise the size, the diaper pack is about 2/3 of the middle three fingers combined.

I like the baby oil. It looks just like the Johnson&Johnson baby oil bottle.

The lid of the baby wipe can open and close. And some of the cotton buds can be taken out from the container!
My favourite has got to be the diaper pack. The diapers can be taken out. Check out the prints on the diapers! I'm truly amazed by the Japanese.

More collections to showcase!

Before I get too carried away and bore readers who come from the mini food blog *slap myself*, here is a mini rose cake I made but it received no hearts on Etsy. Doesn't matter, I'll work harder next time ^_^



Caroline said...

I'd have given it a heart if I'd see it! Really cute. Tiny roses are hard, you've done them well. Caroline :)

ilovelittlethings said...

Thank you Caroline.

You have a wonderful Etsy shop.